11 April 2012

Afrika Korps Tiger I

Another German tank from "Forged in Battle". Iforgot to take WIP pictures twice (I may be going senile). I had planned to take pictures once I opened the blister - instead I assembled the model and glued sand on the base. The next day I started undercoating the model and realized I had once again forgotten to take pictures.

The hull is a one piece resin casting (except for the ball MG which is metal). The turret is metal and comes with the 88mm gun, a commander with open hatch, and a closed hatch depending on whether you want someone sitting in the turret. Again very crisp casting, this time though I found some minor faults which I don't think you can see on the pictures. One of the wheels had an edge like 1mm not fully cast, and the exhaust shielding had been slightly chipped at the bottom.

Other than that, a great looking miniature, I took a comparison picture of it standing next to a Forged in Battle PzII and a Plastic Soldier Company PzIII (standing on 1mm transparent marker to have them all on the same level). Probably the one unit that had me excited playing Germans in Flames of War, initially I thought about playing the Tunisian Tiger list, but that would be 3 Tiger tanks and a platoon of AA halftracks which in the end I think would be really boring to play.

The 15. Panzerkompanie that I'm playing now can have Tiger tanks as divisional support so I was more than happy to buy one. The army lists overall is really flexible and has lots of interesting tank, infantry and artillery choices if I would choose to expand it at a later date.

Also for any TMP user with interest of the Flames of War boards - please visit this thread http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=264199

The content of the thread, posted by me is the same as the text below (in case that thread gets removed as well):

"OK, so my Tiger I post was removed twice within an hour, without any explanation, any PM or response to my critique and questions in post nr2.

I don't even know if it is the Editor, or some overzealous moderator with too much time sniping random posts in this thread. Whoever is doing this, please STOP!
What is the point of having a crosspost option, and what exactly are the criteria for a "legal" Flames of War board post?
I ask because:

1) Posts are removed at random. Content of the same kind is treated differently without logical explanation.

2) After having added a crosspost to "WW2 Land" gallery which I could not care less about when it comes to me posting 15mm stuff clearly and mainly meant to be used for FoW post still have their FoW board tag removed. I only added the WW2 land gallery to appease the Editor and the weird (and irrational) judgment of what is allowed and in which subforum.

3) Is there a forum rule that prohibits a subject to be cross posted? And if so, why can I post stuff in Victorian SF and crosspost to Pulp Gaming and Horror without any repercussion similar to what is going on in this part of TMP.

4) Is the Flames of War board meant to be a Battlefront 2.0 forum where only BF products are allowed?

5) How about at least informing the user over PM why the thread was removed / write in the remaining thread why the crosspost was removed. The complete lack of communication gives an arrogant vibe that I can assure annoys the targeted TMP user."

It's "funny" how trolls and people offending other users are allowed to harass that board without any kind of moderator or editorial check of their activity but the irrational and silent sniping of posts actually adding something and belonging in the FoW boards get removed...
I don't want to stop posting on TMP, but if this ridiculous erratic behaviors continues and spreads to other boards I will have to reconsider. A shame, because even though TMP looks dated as hell and have very few user options – it is still a good resource and houses a wide array of content.


  1. Who couldn't love a big cat like that! :-)

  2. Thanks guys, really looking forward to give this one a test drive on Saturday during the North Africa mega battle event.

  3. TMP has some fine qualities, but man, the problems tend to stack up after a while...

  4. I decided to stop posting 15mm WW2 related stuff on TMP from now on and instead use the WWPD.net forum ( I also post on Steve Dean Painting and Lead Adventure among the English forums). I will still post stuff on TMP for other categories, but if the same situation starts to occur elsewhere on those boards I will stop posting there completely.

  5. You gotta love Tigers. Very well painted.


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