01 April 2012

Forged in Battle PzII F (review)

To complete my Afrika Korps panzer army I ordered a few units from Forged in Battle. I will review them individually as I prepare them for painting. First out is the PzII F boxed set.

4 tanks, including 2 optional commanders. The miniatures are all made out of very lightweight resin, the casting quality is beyond belief. Super sharp, no air bubbles or anything like that. It looks and feels like the super well cast stuff from Dystopian Wars. The resin looks and feels the same.

My buddy Thomas told me this a few months ago, but I can confirm it now, that even though the tanks on the homepage / box cover look identical - they are really different sculpts. This box had 3 different sculpts, they look very similar at first glance but have different details sculpted on them.

Of course the Forged in Battle stuff comes on resin bases, which are cast as one piece with the vehicle itself. This does not bother me at all, but I know there are some people out there that don't like this. The bases are proportional to the tank, so we are talking an edge of about 2mm all the way around. Enough to let you base it like the rest of your infantry, and enough to make the "car park of tanks" a bit looser.


  1. Very useful post, I've been looking at the Forged in Battle stuff for a while for 15mm WW2 and your description has helped greatly ;)

  2. I have a Tiger and some 2cm AA halftracks coming up from Forged in Battle as well. Will post a review once I paint some of that stuff up. But from I could see (and have seen IRL when the other guys in my gaming group have brought FiB vehicles to our games) the quality is amazing regardless of nation :-)

  3. Nice review! I've always really liked the early war stuff as the tank designs were far more interesting (if not downright whacky). Very good paintjob as well!


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