04 April 2012

Malifaux 2x Lady Justice and Guild Austringer

The original Lady Justice  as well as the (smaller more 28mm compared to the 32mm original) alternative sculpt. Also a Guild Austringer, the bird is not attached to his arm as it would snap off during the trip back home.

As I've been painting the Guild models it strikes me that the models vary in size and scale within the same faction. I mean some of the models are really slim while others are more bulky. Some are large 32mm while other are finer 28mm in size. Normally I would not bother with such a thing, but when it comes to the same character (Lady Justice) being so different in size it makes you wonder what's going on.

Really enjoyed painting the Lady Justice miniatures, usually I don't care for the "babes with guns" type of miniatures but these were quite nice.


  1. The Painting and the figs look great. As someone who is thinking about getting into Malifaux are there any website or blogs you could recommend for getting a feel for the game?

  2. Well, the Wyrd forum would probably be the best, just be aware of the large numbers of the extreme fanboys. Still, it's the best place to ask questions about putting Malifaux crews together, rules questions and such.


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