03 April 2012

Malifaux Judge and Death Marshal

Two more miniatures painted up as part of the commission. I dare not matt varnish them myself so I leave that up to the customer (I'm not even varnishing my own miniatures since a few months back as you guys may have noticed). Nothing kicks you in the nuts more than spending a couple hours on painting something only to have shitty varnish ruin your paintjob in seconds. And as I mentioned in the previous post, the bases will be painted separately (I'll post pictures of them at the end of this commission).


  1. With all of the dark color on these figures, they really look finely adorned, IMO.

  2. Thanks Jay, some really nice models coming up - just finished the commission and waiting for "thumbs up" to send it back to the owner. I'll be posting the remainder of the commission over the next couple of days :-)

  3. Empathise with the varnish - just today I took a duff can back after it misted on two sets of minis. Most have been salvaged, but still very frustrating to have to put further work in. Suffice to say I'm looking for a new brand and consider a strongy worded letter to the manufacturer of the old!

  4. Everyone gives "Testors Dullcote" praise. The problem is that you can't get that stuff anywhere in Sweden - and can't import it either!!
    I've tried several "brush on" varnishes but they all suck.

    The Tamiya TS-80 Clear Flat which I had been using works well 95% of the time. But it requires absolute perfect weather conditions, the right temperature and humidity. Considering I live in Sweden where it is cold as hell 8 out of 12 months a year it becomes a problem unless I use it indoors - which I won't because I don't want to suffocate and the smell is really strong.


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