08 April 2012

Malifaux Lady Justice Avatar and graveyard bases

Final miniature in the commission, the Lady Justice avatar painted up. I also added some additional highlight to the hair of all the Lady Justice models in a more pink'ish tone and a bit of purple on the side of the fringe - this was asked for by the customer but I already had something similar in mind after having painted the first two Lady Justice figures but wanted to hear what he thought first. It's  better to wait for what the customer thinks and add stuff then go full ahead and repaint it which is why I always provide my customers with regular updates as stuff gets painted.

All the custom resin bases are also painted up, the miniatures will be pinned onto these by the owner.


  1. What is your red hair recipe. I have my lady j to paint and never managed to paint a decent looking red hair.


  2. Undercaot mini with chaos black.

    Basecoat the hair with Scorched Earth (dark brown).

    Mix Scab Red and Dark Brown and start outlining how the hair flows (don't bother highlighting yet). Leave some of the dark brown as shadows where you see fit.

    Mix bleached bone and scab red to make it lean towards "pink" and paint another layer of hair with more care and effort this time.

    At this point the hair looks rather silly, but then you take Baal Red and Ogryn Flesh Washes and give the hair a generous wash of both. You can either mix both washes or paint splotches of each separate wash on different areas depending on how dark you want the hair to be.

    Final highlight - back to the pink tone of Scab Red mixed with bleached bone. A rather thinned down mix carefully applied to separate strands of hair.

  3. Very nice set of minis in those various incarnations. :)

  4. Very nice paint on the little-people and such.

  5. Thanks guys, had a great time painting the Lady Justice miniatures. More than I thought I would as they did not really strike me as "fun" models at the start :-)


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