19 April 2012

North Africa mega battle - Building the terrain

Patrik provided me with a bunch of pictures showing the amazing process of building all the terrain and table for the mega battle event. It all started with casting a few plaster houses early this year and from there the idea of a mega battle was hatched. Some 80 houses were cast and painted for the event, 9 2x4' table sections were made, various terrain pieces modeled, several boxes of Battlefront terrain bought and improved with additional paint and flock. Two different decks of command cards were made for this occasion as well.

This post is a tribute to Patrik and Thomas and the huge amount of work they put into making the event come true.

For those wondering, you can order various sets of buildings featured on the pictures from Patrik at a very affordable price. He is casting them himself and has sold several sets to FoW gamers already, shipping mainly inside Sweden but it's not impossible to order some buildings if you live in the European Union area. More info and where/how to order the buildings can be found in one of my earlier posts here: http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2012/02/15mm-desert-buildings-set-1-review.html


  1. That's an amazing amount of excellent work. I have dreams of doing something like that...someday when I win the lottery.

  2. The dedication is outstanding, the amount of time and effort must have been huge.

  3. So much awsome terrain! Great work of your friends Thomas and Patrick.


  4. It is always good to see great terrain - even better with Work-in-Progress shots.



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