16 April 2012

North Africa mega battle event video AAR

This is a shortened version of the AAR describing the Mid-War North Africa mega battle event played in Malmö Sweden 14/4. It includes basic information about each side and the major events.

We had 5 Axis and 5 Allied players per side. This was not a regular Flames of War battle for several reasons. Playing area was enormous, each side had 1 general responsible for bringing in reinforcements and buying off table support. Command cards were drawn at the start of each turn by each commander and turned into troops or support.

Special event cards were also part of the deck and included tactical advantages. The game master also had a list of events which played out when specific objectives were met on a tactical level or by an individual commander as each player had his own mission.

The game master also threw in random events such as nightfall, dust storms, off table naval bombardments, airplanes coming in from nowhere, unexpected reinforcements and other things to maintain a balance in the game and to keep it moving without getting stuck in locked pitched battle position.

Big thanks to Patrik for making this game happen and acting as the game master, but also for making most of the terrain - with the help of Thomas to cast and paint all the buildings.

Also a big thanks to all players taking part in this event and making it highly enjoyable with noone acting out or being a dick.

A full 2 part written battle report featuring roughly 140 pictures is coming up shortly and will be posted under the tags "Flames of War", "Battle reports" and "Conventions and Gamedays".


  1. You are simply awesome antoli.

  2. Thanks, I had the idea for this video 2 weeks ago. In the future I will use video clips of higher definition – that would on the other hand require ripping video from DVD’s rather than YouTube. Strange thing about YouTube ripping is that the quality of the original video was a lot better than the ripped video content. Learning experience.

    I wish windows movie maker was more user friendly when it comes to format of audio/video editing. I think I spent half of my time working on this video to sort out format problems. First had to transform all video clips to WMV to make them appear, then had to transform all audio from MP3 to WMA so that it was properly represented in the timeline which just kept messing up.

  3. Wonderful video. I love everything about it, like music, clips from real photages and the minatures and terrain was painted very well! Great work

    A small request, next time, would be intersting to see a map and the progress on that map.


  4. Ulfast, hopefully more clarity will be shed on the flow of battle tomorrow when I post the first part of the written AAR.

  5. Perhaps I should word not as a request, instead more like a idea. Looking forward too tomorrow. Great work anyway! :-)



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