29 April 2012

Strange Aeons Escape into Danger silent film AAR

This is my AAR for the Strange Aeons contest helt by Lead Adventure Forum member Styx, I had this idea to try to make it too look like a silent film. Another member beat me to it but I still wanted to try out the idea.

The game was a solo game, I tweaked the "Escape into Danger" scenario with added difficulty.

While the core scenario remained the same, to escape off the opposing table edge guarded by Lurkers I added a small random event with additional Lurkers appearing.

This worked as follows: Starting on turn 3 the Lurker player receives one additional random Lurker model. He rolls 1D6, on 1-4 the new model is a regular zombie. On a 5 it becomes a Bloated Zombie, on a 6 a Flayed Horror.

Stats for the later two which I made up look like this:

Bloated zombie (M3, Dex6, Con6, A2, W2, Res5+, Tough)
Combat stats and weapons like a regular zombie

Flayed Horror
(M 1D3+2, Con7, A1, W2, Res5+, Tough, Fear)
Claws CCB +2 , Dam D+2, Parry, AP1

Once a new Lurker has been generated it has to be placed 12" away from a Threshold model. There can only be one Flayed Horror or Bloated Zombie on the board at any one time. If you roll to include more of these monsters a regular zombie is placed instead.

Beside the added stream of Lurkers the Threshold player also has to make sure that the drunken old guide, Nelson Bessnet, makes it out alive. He is the only one who knows the way and the local area.


The Threshold team

Character Hugh Hopwell [skill +1 wound)
.45 pistol
Double barreled shotgun
Tight boots

Agent Clayton Tibbits (skill +1 Dexterity)
.45 pistol
Bolt action rifle
Remote detonator

Old timer Nelson Bessnet
(Civilian profile from the Threshold list, but no weapons)


Demonic Cult leader (based upon Cult Leader)
.22 handgun
Skinsaw CCB +1 Dam D+2)
+1 wound
+1 constitution 



The game lasted 9 turns and turned out be a lot more difficult than usual. This time around the Threshold team had to really shoot their way past the Lurker waves, the additional Lurkers also proved to be of good use to block off any escape attempts too soon. Up to turn 6 the Threshold team was pretty much tied up with keeping zombies and other monsters at bay. Once Agent Tibbits had died against the Bloated Zombie, which managed to land a blow and score a critical hit on top of that - there was little else to do but to run like crazy counting on the longer movement of the Threhold agents.

Towards the end another Flayed Horror spawned and intercepted the escape but luckily the character, agent Hopwell managed to handle that situation as well and save the old timer and himself.

Beside the black and white video I also thought it might be fun to see the pictures in color so I attached them to this post as well.


  1. Love the silent movie approach, great piece of work!

  2. A wonderful bit of work there mate - fantastic!

  3. I have to agree the silent movie approach was a piece of genius!

  4. Looks amazing. Where are the clear 'blood' markers from?

  5. Thanks guys,
    @Chris , I made the blood markers myself. Wrote about it here: http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2011/08/bloodcasualty-tokens-tutorial.html

    1. They look excellent. Thanks for the link, I think I'll be making a few of those myself!

  6. That turned out really well, and you got to use your newly painted old sea captain.

  7. hehe, i love it! can we see a report from the front from a fow/VD game some day? very cool!

  8. @Widgren, yes later this week :-)

  9. great aar
    may i ask what solo variant rules did you use?
    i found the morbid adventure solo variant a little vague

  10. I just played with the regular rules, like you play chess with yourself. You can't help to know what the "opponent" thinks, but you can still try to play your best with each side.


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