15 April 2012

Threshold team Big game hunter

An addition to the Threshold agency found in Shocking tales of madness and mayhem vol.2 book.
Really love this miniature (Artizan), the only flaw is the rather thin shotgun that is prone to bending.

This miniature will be used as both a regular Threshold agent and the special agent for hire "Big game hunter". He can be set up 1 trap on the board each game, but perhaps his best rule is that he may pick 1 Lurker to be his "prey" during the particular game. As such he will gain +1 to his rolls to hit against the target in close combat and with his ranged weapons.


  1. And what threshold team couldn't use a big game Hunter? Some of those nasty critters are BIG!
    Nice job mate!

  2. That is just a nice figure, I keep finding that I want to add more and more to my SA purchase list.

  3. A very nice figure, and impressively painted.

  4. Excellent paint work, the dog is familiar looking do you per chance know who the manufacturer is?

  5. Thanks guys,

    @Smillie, the dog is the zombie dog from Uncle Mikes. I patched him up and painted him as a normal living dog.


  6. Great figures!!! Love the dog, I was going to ask where it came from, but now I know!!!

  7. Great job! It's good to see the dog-from-hell back again in the camera's eye. (:-)=


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