30 April 2012

Threshold team exorcist

A very nice sculpt, but frustrating to paint due to my lack of proper matt varnish. Tried to reduce the glossy finish several times with various washes and thinned down paint. A rather sinister looking fellow, and not only because of how he is painted, he really is sculpted with a frown on his face.

This miniature will be used for Strange Aeons, a profile for the exorcist as well as fitting opponents such as Banshee, Restless spirit, Mojo and Poltergeist can be found in Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem vol.2.


  1. Love him! really nice paint on the exorcist. He is returning a hissss for a hissss,no fear here.

  2. "Drink! Girls! Feck! Arse!" It's the old guy from "Father Ted" as an exorcist...

  3. I like him. wouldn’t mind picking up Shocking Tales as it seem you get a lot more extras for your games, i was expecting them to be mostly fluff.

  4. @Henry, a review of Shocking Tales 1 and 2 are already up here on the blog if you do a search. I will also post my review of the latest Strange Aeons expansion "Morbid Adventures" tomorrow, which I think is the best book out of the 3 expansions released so far.


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