13 April 2012

Wojtek the soldier bear - FoW objective marker

Something I made for the ongoing WWPD forum contest, also really needed a few proper objectives for Flams of War for the Mid War North Africa campaign.

I got the blister of Wojtek the soldier bear and the Polish soldier hauling crates last year from my buddy Widgren who was passing it along to me from one of his friends if I recall correctly. I think this was around the time when I had just written and posted my Polish September campaign PDF book and my interest in the Poles during WW2 was the reason for the gift in the first place.

At the time I was strictly into Early War so I didn't know what to do with the models, they were hidden away in one of my drawers up until I saw the WWPD forum contest and realized I could use the blister for an objective marker.

The sculpt of the Polish soldier was very crisp and a joy to paint. The bear was a bit less exciting. I wanted to do something simple that would not take away the focus of the two miniatures but interesting enough to look at - so I made a few rocks out of cork to form a path.

And as a small extra treat, for those of you not aware about it  (or who have not seen it yet ), Forged in Battle posted a sneak peak on their Facebook group of their upcoming Early War Polish dismounted cavalry and 10th Motorized cavalry brigade miniatures. I really LOVE the look of that cavalry, imo best looking dismounted cavalry on the market in terms of looks and it also looks as crisp as the other Polish sculpts FiB has released previously. The 10th motorized are also a very welcome addition. I hope there will be mounted cavalry with sabers as well, because those lance equipped one's are rather anachronistic yet still both Battlefront and FiB went for lances as a first choice.


  1. Nice bear, and marker.
    That is a cool sneak peak of the Polish. Not something I could really use, but I always love looking at miniatures.

  2. Interesting vignette... A bear working for his chow. And ditto Adam re viewing gamer's modeling skills. Great Job.

  3. In reality, the bear was not walking around on two feet carrying the crates. IIRC they were more or less carried on his back like a mule. I think Battlefront sculpted the bear in upright position so that it would resemble the Polish artillery badge the troops at Monte Casino had - which was Wojtek in upright position carrying an artillery shell in his paws.

    Still, one of the weirdest and most fun stories of WW2 imo. Though not unique in military history. Supposedly the Poles had another bear as a mascot during the interwar period as well , during the Polish-Bolshevik war.

    1. I think they did it that way to be cute :)

      Nice objective, it really shows how much you can do with 15mm figures.

  4. Excellent work really nice use of the figures.


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