29 May 2012

Empire of the Dead "Entrapment" AAR

Played 3 games of Empire of the Dead with my friend - 2 of them were straight out of the rules. The 3rd game was us trying out how it would play if it was alternate activations. I will post AAR from all 3 games separately as there are some campaign rules etc that come into play between games.

Scenario: "Entrapment"
Location: Countryside
Time of day: Night

In this scenario one gang (The Gentlemen's Club) has lured some Nosferatu into an ambush. The Nosferaty gang needs to punch through and escape on the opposite end of the table. The monetary reward for this scenario is

Win = 20 Shilling
Draw = 15 Shilling
Lose = 10 Shilling
Each kill = 5 Shilling
Each man left standing = 2 Shilling

Both the Gentlemen's Club and the Nosferatu had about the same "standing" at the start of the campaign so no side had any underdog bonus to the monetary reward system.

Gentlemen's Clubs - "Zendarian officers society"

President with Heavy Pistol
Vice President with Heavy Pistol
4x Membership with Light Pistol


Graaf with Spear and Shield
Guardian with hunting rifle
4 Thralls, knifes, pistol and 1 shotgun

Both sides rolled a D10, and the winner got to choose whether it was Day or Night. Nosferatu won and of course chose to act in the dead of night. This limits LoS to 18" for those without special night goggles or supernatural beings with Lunar sight.

The Gentlemen deployed on the two opposite corners, while the Nosferatu deployed in the middle on their edge according to the setup rules.

The Nosferatu won the initiative and started to move towards the right corner where the weaker flank guarder by the Vice president and 2 Membership. As small arms fire erupt between the Nosferatu lurking in the forest and the Gentlemen in the Graveyard the President and two Membership are running towards the flashes and gunshots in the darkness.

The Vice President is hit by a shotgun shell which fails to wound, but is then also hit by a hunting rifle round which removes a wound. One of the Membership gets shot and and is removed from play. Soon the Vice President takes another hit and drops to the ground - trying to crawl away from the danger, leaving a trail of blood on the ground.

Trying to cover his boss the last Membership on the right flank fires his gun at the incoming Thralls and the Graaf which charge and overwhelm him. Soon the crawling Vice President drops due to loss of blood and is removed from play. The remaining half of the Gentlemen catch up to the Nosferaty and open fire at the evil creatures, sadly with little effect.

Hissing the Graaf waves his minions towards the remaining Gentlemen, gunshots whistle in the night to left and right. Another Membership gets shot. The two remaining Gentlemen start to get cold feet as over half of their comrades are gone and they still face the full enemy crew. The remaining Gentleman runs away under cover of darkness, left standing is the President who after a couple of seconds realize that he is alone - and then he too choses to remove himself from the scene, albeit discretely.

The first game of the campaign was a smashing success for the Nosferatu who won a quick (turn 5 ) victory and not only cashed in a  lot of cash due to the victory but lost zero members and removed 4 enemies from play.

The Gentlemen's after action phase resulted in:

Vice President, eye injury (one more eye injured and he is lost)
Membership, Leg Injury
Membership, No lasting wounds
Membership, Leg injury (-1" to movement range)

President and Vice President chose to spend some savings to roll on the Characteristic table.
President received +1 Combat while the Vice President received +1 Bravado.

The next game would be difficult, not much cash remained in the Gentlemen's coffers and they had already lost a member.

The Nosferatu grew stronger and recruited a 7th member and upgraded their Graaf with "Killing Gaze".


  1. I do love these after-action reports! How do you do the wound tokens? Since first seeing them on here I've been searching for clear plastic counters to no avail!

  2. The clear markers are from EM4, and how I made them can be seen here http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2011/08/bloodcasualty-tokens-tutorial.html

    Hope this helps :-)

    1. Brilliant! Thanks mate, off to purchase some - tutorial is great too!


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