31 May 2012

Empire of the Dead "Fracas" AAR

Second game, and a continuation of the campaign.

Scenario "Fracas"
Location: Botanical Gardens
Time of day: Day

In this scenario both gangs run into each other by coincidence - and decide to settle the score. This is your basic "fight to the last man" scenario. Which did not bode well for the Gentlemen's Club.

However, the Gentlemen managed to win the roll and made the scenario take place during the daylight hours, reducing the powerful stats of the Graaf with daytime penalties.
However the enemy Thralls with long range weapons would now be even more dangerous!

Scenario rewards

Win = 20 Shilling
Draw = 15 Shilling
Lose = 10 Shilling
Each kill = 5 Shilling
Each man left standing = 2 Shilling

The Gentlemen were now 50 points below the Nosferatu in standing, which mean they would earn a bit more if they won the scenario.

The game took place in the "Botanical gardens", a lush area with lots of trees and the occasional exotic plant (white base markers). The exotic plants would be one out of 10 random poisonous or in other ways dangerous plants. A model that moved within 2" of a plant marker would need to roll and see what kind of plant it is - and then suffer its effects. Both players took turns placing these plants, as such all plants were placed in strategic locations blocking several important routes.

Gentlemen's Clubs - "Zendarian officers society"

President with Heavy Pistol
Vice President with Heavy Pistol
3x Membership with Light Pistol


Graaf with Spear and Shield
Guardian with hunting rifle
5 Thralls, knifes, pistols and 1 shotgun

This game would last 12 turns! The Gentlemen were outgunned and outmanned. Their only hope was to stay out of sight and try to break up the enemy gang so they could be picked off one by one.

As such the Gentlemen spent a couple of turns lurking and moving about the rocks and hedges at the far corner of their deployment while the Nosferatu crept forward slowly firing rifle and shotgun at the Gentlemen. As the Vice President took a hit and dropped a wound, the Gentlemen knew they would have to move.

Everyone started to make a wide flanking move, running across lanes of fire, from cover to cover while the Nosferatu Thralls kept firing their long range guns - but kept missing. Having moved to the top of the table, the Gentlemen split up in two smaller groups and moved around both sides of the shed to get into contact range with the Thralls. The old Gentleman (white beard gramps) got hit and staggered about trying to regain his sense. However two more Gentlemen jumped out of cover and fired their pistols at the Thralls, they managed to kill 1 Thrall and "Down" another! Not bad - the gangs were at the moment equal in number.

The Vice president get shot again but the bullet barely grazed him, he fired back and dropped another Thrall, while a Membership fired at the "Down" Thrall and killed him as well. The Gentlemen were on fire, dropping bad guys with amazing speed.

The Nosferatu regrouped and kept firing at the Gentlemen while moving forward. The Gentleman President runs up amongst his men and heroically fires at the incoming enemies - not realizing he is within charge range of both the Graaf and an enemy Thrall. He is attacked by both and having already been injured by a bullet previously he thinks he is a goner.

The Nosferatu crash into him, but the President slashes the Thrall with his knife, dropping the evil creature - saved by his high combat value as the close combat was a draw. Now the Graaf remained and both heroes rolled 3 dice at each other. Thankfully the Graaf was partially blinded and weakened by the sunlight so his charge bonus was negated completely. Still, the Graaf sported a +1 modifier since he was number 2 in line to fight the President. The President was amazingly enough once again saved by his combat value of 7 beating the Graaf combat value of 6! The Graaf was sucked punched and dropped to the ground, finished off by a fellow Membership who rushed up to help the President.

The last remaining Thrall looked around and then ran off in panic.

What a crazy game - the Gentlemen turned this around completely. They cashed in 6 kills, a victory, survived with everyone and received the underdog bonus. They walked away 70 Shilling richer!

The crazy result would not end there.

During the after action phase both the Nosferatu Graaf and the Guardian (both heroes) rolled "Captured by the enemy" LOL! One Thrall was killed, the remaining Thralls had no lasting effects.

The Gentlemen invested their money in some eye surgery for the Vice President, curing his eye injury. Then every Gentleman rolled on the "Characteristics" chart, upgrading every member with new stats.

President rolled another +1 Combat (he can't get more combat results on this chart anymore)
Vice President rolled another +1 Bravado, (same as above)
The Membership guys rolled +1 Combat and Bravado as well.

Now the Gentlemen's Club is a bunch of brave brawlers haha.

Me and my opponent saved the results, and we aim to pick up from here during our next campaign game. The scenario will be ”Rescue” where the Thralls will try to rescue their captured Heroes.


  1. How did the IGOUGO aspect work out?

  2. @Ferb, I will cover the alternate activation testing in the 3rd AAR - don't worry :-)

  3. Love the comeback of the Gent's Club! Looking forward to the story continuing!

  4. @Deserter, a very exciting game will be played this Sunday. We will see how the Nosferatu Thralls fare in their rescue attempt of their masters :-)


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