30 May 2012

Last battles of the FoW North Africa campaign

This last weekend the last battles of the North Africa campaign were fought. This was turn 10 and there were 2 battles played on separate tables each affecting the other, reserves were dependant on the seizing of objectives on each table.

I did not take part in these games, but snapped a few pictures while the others were playing. The campaign ended in Allied victory. Talks about the next campaign were held immediately afterwards and it will either be Market Garden or mid-war eastern front. I don't know if I will take part in either of those ideas. I much prefer Early War and want to focus on my Poles. We talked about an Early War campaign but I just said that there weren't enough Polish players (I'm the only one with that army) to make a decent Early War campaign where all nations of Blitzkrieg could be involved.

One idea I put forward was to turn the tables on Germany, and play an "pre-emptive" attack from east and west on Germany. But this was just a loose idea. An Early War campaign will maybe happen next spring, once Barbarossa is released. Hopefully this will allow 1939 Soviet lists to take part in the Polish invasion and broaden the battleground of this period.

Enough of me talking, below are the pictures from the last two games of the North Africa campaign. Patrik played US Airborne vs David's Fallschirmjäger, while Mikael played US infantry (?) against Mikael's Italian paratroopers.


  1. Thanks Ray, the guys at the club really did a great job making the terrain and creating the campaign :-)


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