15 May 2012

Legio Heroica Polish infantry and guns review

The Italian manufacturer "Legio Heroica" has a very nice range of Polish and Turkish forces from the period around the siege of Vienna 1683. I ordered a couple of  blisters to fill some gaps in my Polish-Lithuanian army a week ago.

First of all, it is hard to judge the size and bulkiness of 15mm miniatures merely by looking at pictures. I was afraid that the miniatures from Legio Heroica wouldn't fit in with my Wargamer Poles but luckily the height and size of the models (at least the infantry - did not order any cavalry) is very close and does not look weird.

I was actually very pleased with my order from Legio Heroica. Not only was the customer service very good and helpful, the was also shipping was very fast (sent on Monday from Italy, arrived on Thursday in Sweden). On top of that the miniatures themselves were of very good quality with almost no flash, no miscasts and cast in a good metal alloy which is neither too hard nor too soft.

There is really nothing to complain about, and I can really recommend Legio Heroica for anyone who wants to deal with them!


Pictures show size comparison with my Polish dismounted dragoons from Wargamer. I have yet to assemble the light artillery since I'm waiting for the correct MDF bases to arrive. But expect pictures of them up on the blog fairly soon.

1 comment:

  1. Those seems like nice miniatures.
    Allways good to find a new brand of toys.


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