14 May 2012

North Africa campaign turn 8 pictures

Not even going to bother writing a summary for this one. Axis lost again, and this was my 4th or something "big battle" using the "total war rules" found in Das Book. I don't want to write something that might come off as negative or whiny, all I can say is that not everything in the campaign rules or my own army has worked well in the games I've played. I have simply not enjoyed playing this period and theater with this army, last couple of games I have pretty much dragged myself down to Lund to contribute with another player rather than looking forward to playing. As such I'm selling my DAK stuff, so this was probably my last Mid-War battle for a long time. I look forward to return to the period and armies I prefer to play in Early War. Scouted some trucks and other transports that I need for my Polish 10th Motorized cavalry brigade today.

I hope someone of the local guys or people hanging out at the Swedish FoW community 15mm.se will buy the army. If it has not been sold after a week I will put it up on the blog. I hope I can avoid sending the stuff using the postal service and would much prefer a face to face transaction in this case.

Btw, I still have 2 unassembled PSC PzIIIH, 2 Tiger tanks and a box of Forged in Battle infantry. Thinking of using it all for a Late War inspired platoon for Victory Decision so that I can play with the generic late war lists while waiting for an Early War themed sourcebook.

I hope you guys at least enjoy the pictures.


  1. Shame you are not enjoying the period. Early and Mid war desert are some of my fav periods and I think FoW works really well for them. I love dashing about with my Italians.

    I am sure the Total War hasn't helped as I feel it is a little like 40k apocalypse. Makes the rules work for big games, but is not really a way to regualry play the game. Neither systems are built for games that big. In our campaign forces where between 800 and 1600 points.

    Hope I will have more joy with the DAK I have built from PCS stuff inspired by yours!

  2. I think, but I don't know, maybe EW desert is more fun. MW with the army I had just felt so outdated and FUBAR.

    MW and North Africa never was my thing, I mainly joined the campaign since it was either starting a MW army or just not being able to play FoW with the gang for 10 weeks.

    I hope to be able to play with my EW Poles vs Slovaks this coming Sunday instead.

  3. ill take you up on the ´39 gaming. soon ill have more free time on my hands than i can shake a stick at. westerplatte and some larger battles( 1500pts) perhaps? my pzIs need playing!


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