10 May 2012

Operation Sea Lion, global FoW campaign by WWPD.net

For any Flames of War enthusiast out there still not aware, the What Would Patton Do ( http://www.wwpd.net/ ) crew have launched a global "what if" campaign revolving around the planned "Operation Sea Lion" which never took place. This is a "What if" campaign set in the Late War period, the Axis are invading southern England and the Allies are trying to defend the UK.

A lot of work has been put into the site where you register your battle reports, receive medals, follow the turn of events on the map as regions shift hands and receive news about the situation.

In order to take part, just head over to http://www.operationsealion.net and register!

You may also follow and discuss the campaign on http://forum.wwpd.net/index.php imo THE Flames of War community, friendly users, no trolls, no fanboys and no restrictions about what you post in terms of miniatures or discuss about various manufacturers.


  1. Thanks Anatoli :)

    We raced out of the gate due to unbridled enthusiasm, but next campaign will likely be historical. Because of your clear skill in putting campaign stuff together, we'll almost definitely be asking you for your input.

  2. @Steven, just so happened that Battlefront brought up you guys in their newsletter as well haha.

    I hope the campaign will be popular and lead to future campaigns where you can use the experience gained from this one.


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