06 May 2012

Polish Crown cavalry regiment finished (BF&S)

This is my second company of Pancerni cavalry, the best "common" cavalry you can get since the Winged Hussars are limited in numbers depending on the size of your cavalry regiment - and they also cost a LOT of points per base.

While not being as badass as the Winged Hussars the Pancerni are still a very respectable cavalry unit able to withstand sword cuts up close and musket projectiles at long range. And with this company painted up my minimum sized Polish Crown cavalry regiment is finished. Basically 2 companies of cossack style cavalry, 2 companies of Pancerni cavalry, 2 stands (3 stands painted up) of optional Winged Hussars and a regimental commander. The regiment can be vastly expanded to include the double amount of units whereupon it can max out on 3 companies/6stands of Winged Hussars.

I have ordered a regiment of Volunteer cavalry (4 companies / 12 stands) a battery of light artillery and some Polish royal peasant infantry for whom I will be making cavalry obstacles since you can get such field fortifications with that unit. Should make a complete army for now. There are a bunch of very cool options for expansion which I can see being added later during the summer.


  1. Superb painting and a great looking unit.

  2. Very nice work...and army!

  3. Very nice units...and painting style.

  4. Thanks guys, it does take a bit more time to paint these compared to Flames of War infantry. But I decided to spend a bit extra time and effort on this project :-)


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