12 May 2012

Polish-Hungarian infantry company (BF&S)

At first I was going to use these miniatures as Polish Lanowa-infantry, but reading the equipment description in the By Fire and Sword rulebook I think these will work better as Polish-Hungarian infantry.

The good thing about this is that the Polish-Hungarian infantry is pretty good. The bad thing is that you have to buy them as single companies in divisional support, meaning you can only have as many divisional support as you have regiments in your army. So instead of initially having 2 companies of Lanowa-infantry taking up a single slot I will not have 2 companies of Polish-Hungarian infantry taking up 2 slots.

This infantry also has access to fielding some nice cavalry obstacles for defensive purposes to even out the odds against charging cavalry. I'm currently waiting for more bases to arrive before I can build some obstacles and start painting the second company of Polish-Hungarian infantry as well as my 3 light artillery pieces. I also received my "Volunteer/Nobilty militia" boxed sets yesterday so I will also start painting my 3rd regiment of cavalry soon.

The size of these Polish-Hungarian companies are tiny in comparison with the large regiments of Swedish/German style infantry operating together in Pike&Shote formations, thus the role of this infantry type will most likely be just like their historical counterpart to form a reserve/support troop. I'm thinking of having them guard my light artillery battery and be subordinated to the artillery commander.

Miniatures are from Legio Heroica, while the banner is one of the Infantry/Dragoon banners I had left over from the Polish-Dragoon boxed sets by Wargamer.


  1. Very nicely painted for such small soldiers.

  2. Thanks guys, a bummer I did not receive any bases by the end of this week - when I somehow managed to get miniatures from both Poland and Italy within 4 days of ordering haha.

    Ah well, I'll get some infantry bases from a friend tomorrow, but I guess I will have to wait for my artillery bases until next week.


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