19 May 2012

Polish-Hungarian infantry finished (BF&S)

Second and last unit of Polish-Hungarian infantry completed. I had a completely messed up weeks so much of my painting cue had to be postponed. I was hoping to have all the artillery painted up and ready to start on my last regiment of cavalry...

In any case, the infantry is as already mentioned in the previous post by "Legio Heroica" while the banner (and artillery commander leading them) is from Wargamer Polish Dragoon boxed set.

One thing worth mentioning is that beside the ability to deploy cavalry obstacles the Polish-Hungarian infantry may form a deep formation and fire by rank thus reducing the area of deployment. Using them like this however forces you to measure the range from each base individually, so the ranks further back may end up firing at "long range" while the front rank fires at short so perhaps not the most effective formation when you want to defend against an incoming enemy charge. On the other hand, the charge rules allow an enemy to position himself outside of your short range before the "defensive fire" step, and only after charge into contact - so I guess you would still sometimes prefer a deep formation just so you can field more units on a smaller area that can support each other.


  1. These turned out awesome, love them.
    Good paintjob!

    Greetings Remco


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