13 May 2012

Polish-Lithuanian artillery commander (BF&S)

Of course someone has to command the artillery battery and the small units of Polish-Hungarian infantry - so I had for this very purpose saved one command team from the Polish Dragoons boxed set. I just painted them up in a way so that they didn't resemble regular dragoons. The flag is another leftover flag from my Polish dragoon boxed sets. I used this black one since it felt appropriate for the artillery to have it.

You get to buy an artillery officer if you field at least 3 guns in your artillery section.  He can also be upgraded with additional command points so that he can order around both artillery and nearby units at the same time. Command points and the way they are used in this game really sets By Fire & Sword apart from other rulesets I use. It really conveys the stiff chain of command and difficulty to control large number of men at this time - as such you really want to grab hold of any additional commander that you can get for those precious command points to increase the efficiency of your army.


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