24 May 2012

Polish-Lithuanian Levied Nobility/Volunteers review

Bought two boxes of Polish these wonderfully ragtag warriors. The box contents can be used for either a Volunteer regiment (pretty decent quality formation) or for the infamous nobility militia regiments (quite poor quality formation). The rulebook does a good job at pointing out the difference between both formations, and within which timeframe each of them were used. Both units have wonderful rules that really add character according to historical performance (and problems). This is on the other hand one of the great strengths of the armies and regiments in the By Fire & Sword rules imo.

My intent is to use these guys as the Volunteer regiment to compliment my good cavalry with cheap but decent mobile support. I also saved my promotional miniature of "Michal Wolodyjowski" by Wargamer for this purpose since I'm going to use him as a regimental commander.

The box contents then, as usual you get a sheet of sticker-flags, brass poles for the banners and metal bases if you don't want to use other custom bases. The horses in these boxed sets appear to be a lot more dynamic than the slow moving pose of the Dragoons, they are more akin to the Winged Hussar and cossack style cavalry horses.

I love the riders in this boxed set. They really look like a thrown together force of weekend warriors. Mainly armed with sabers and the occasional pistol. No muskets or bows for this lot. There is a fantastic sculpt of a corpulent soldier enjoying a drink (looks like the character Onufry Zagloba from the Ogniem i Mieczem movie). Some of the riders are one's that you will also find in the Polish "Pancerni" box, but the majority of the sculpts are completely unique and different from any of the Polish-Lithuanian cavalry that I already own. I was starting to get tired of painting cavalry, but having seen the riders I'm looking forward to paint yet another regiment of cavalry.


  1. Fantastic! I've been waiting for this post since I found this blog... I'm gonna need plenty of Pospolite Ruszenie for my 28mm Berestechko project, but visual references are tough to find. Can't wait to see them all painted up.

  2. Looking good, always like a volunteer.

  3. @Thaddeus

    Pictures of the first company will be posted tomorrow, painting company number 2 at the moment :-)


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