20 May 2012

Polish-Lithuanian Light artillery battery (BF&S)

Painted up the artillery battery yesterday. The models are Legio Heroica.

These 3 will form a light artillery battery commanded by the previously seen artillery commander and guarded by the Polish-Hungarian infantry. The nice feature of Light artillery in By Fire & Sword is that they fire twice per turn if given the correct order. This type of guns is also able to fire both roundshot and grapeshot at the enemy at a formidable distance and there is no armor save against a flying roundshot projectile so even armored reiters and other heavy units are easy pickings (if you manage to hit them). There is also a bonus if you manage to inflict a hit on the enemy flank. There is however no guessing of range or random bouncing distance like in Warhammer Fantasy.

The "bouncing" of cannonballs which was important at this time in order to inflict maximum damage is not covered by the rules. The lack of this feature I think is as simple as it would make the artillery too good and powerful compared to the rest of the units in the game.

My focus will now shift to painting up the last regiment required for a 3 regiment sized division which is the minimum strength standard organization in this game. So the next couple of units will be Polish Volunteer cavalry.


  1. A fantastic place to have a gaming show.Sadly we don't often have them in such places over here,great photos,games and venues.
    Pity about the response of Malmo museum.I visited it many years ago and found it very interesting.I especially liked the painting of the Swedish hussars from the 1920s relaxing.


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