25 May 2012

Polish-Lithuanian Volunteer cavalry company (BF&S)

First out of 4 companies that will make the Volunteer regiment. Really like this unit and the mixed look of the riders - I also painted them to be more different and unique compared to any of the previous regiments. And to further keep them apart from the similar cossack style cavalry I also painted the reins in a mix of colors instead of a single unifying one.

I don't know if it is whether I enjoyed these miniatures, because I've grown used to painting cavalry for this era or because I am so close to the finish line with this project - but they painted up very easily and swiftly.


  1. Thanks Phyllion :-)
    Finished painting the second company of these guys, they look pretty awesome together formed as a squadron. I'll post pictures during the weekend.

  2. Very, very nice, love the flag too!


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