27 May 2012

Polish-Lithuanian Volunteer squadron (BF&S)

Second company of volunteer cavalry painted up - enough to form a maxed out squadron. Half of the volunteer regiment is now complete. Just two more companies and a regimental commander.

Painted up both companies in 4 days as I had a small hole in my schedule during these last weeks of school. I'll do my best to paint up the remaining companies, the regimental commander and the general of my army during the coming week.


  1. Thanks for this stuff! It looks great, and is really helping me visualize my own project.

  2. Good luck with your project Thaddeus, wish I had the cash and engery to play this period in 28mm. I actually looked around for 28mm miniatures a few years ago but dropped the idea since models were few and expensive.

    1. I've saved a good bit of money by converting out-of-period plastics instead of buying the expensive metal miniatures, but even so, I'm sure 15mm would be cheaper. My main reason for sticking with the larger scale is that Warhammer players are far more common than historical gamers around here, and 28mm historicals can work as a themed Empire/Kislev force if needed.


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