04 May 2012

Strange Aeons magazine review

This is a long overdue review of the Strange Aeons magazine, and a review based upon the issue number five alone. Those of you who have been following this magazine from the start, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

So, the Strange Aeons magazine is a mix of weird stories and comics blended together released 4 times a year. Though the title gives off a Lovecraftian vibe the contents are more horror/pulp in general than focused on Lovecraft's mythos. The content is a bit all over the place and I think the comics take up a bit too much space, considering they are written episodically and the magazine is only released 4 times a year it can make comics with little story/action (even though good looking) a bit hard to get into or follow I think. A better choice would be to feature articles about books/movies and more short stories like the one "Lost gods of Lemuria" included in this issue. Still, if you are hungry for weird/pulp stuff the Strange Aeons magazine should satisfy you for a little while. It's not a very thick magazine, each issue is roughly 50-60 pages so it really goes by fast considering most of the page count is comics.

What can be said is that it seems as if the creators of this magazine are genuinely interested in the subject and seem like fans of the genre. From what I understand this magazine is pretty much a hobby endeavor printed locally. The magazine certainly has potential, but for me I think that to fully get into it this magazine it would perhaps require a monthly or bimonthly print and a bit less room spent on the comics part (or increase the amount of written material and the page count with it).

Issues number 3,4,5, 7 and 8 also happen to include additional rules for the skirmish game Strange Aeons written by Mike of "Uncle Mike's Worldwide". An additional incentive for Strange Aeons gamers to buy the magazines.

Link to the Strange-Aeons magazine site is HERE


  1. What are the additional rules in those issues mate? To be honest that is all I am interested in.

  2. Have no idea what rules there are in the other issues. In this issue there were 2 pages about a machine which the Lurkers could use in a scenario if they had a mad scientist fellow to lead them. It creates a growing field of another dimension from which creatures spawned and attacked the Threshold agents who have to wade through to shut down the machine.


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