28 May 2012

Upcoming Q&A interview about Empire of the Dead

Beside the review already posted I intend to compile another Q&A interview, this time I have contacted one of the authors of Empire of the Dead, Nigel Atkinson, and asked him if he wanted to answer some questions about the game - which he was willing to.

The review that I posted two days ago may have answered some questions - but if you want to ask about anything not covered in the review, or just wonder about what direction the game might take in the future, questions about game design choices etc just post your questions in the comments to this post. I will add your question and your name attached to the question when I email Nigel the document with questions next week. Deadline for question submissions is Thursday 31/5. I will compile the questions with my own and email them to Nigel on Friday that very same week.

The format of this interview and end result will look like my previous Q&A with Uncle Mike's Worldwide.

Empire of the Dead review

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