27 June 2012

Brink of Battle Sci-Fi game AAR

Brink of Battle is purely historical but there are two expansions brewing, one fantasy and one sci-fi. Both will be using the core rules and most of the traits found there but of course include new weapon profiles, traits and stuff to make the rules truly feel and work in a sci-fi and fantasy setting.

Anyway, so my friend Daniel liked the BoB rules when we played last time and said he wanted to try out the sci-fi work in progress rules - so he came over and brought with him some of his old WH40k miniatures.

Since he had Eldar and Chaos Space marines we wanted to reflect the nature and "fluff" of these two factions as they are portrayed in the WH40k universe (personally I think the WH40k universe and what you get in the WH40k rules are two completely different things). So we using new equipment from period 4,5 & 6 in the Sci-fi addon to make these two lists:

Chaos space marines – Elite (489pts)

Chaos Champion (Commander): 
CBT 6 / CMD 6  / CON 6
Gear: Vibro sword with energy, Gauss pistol, Powered battle armor
Trait: Old soldier, Stoic

3x CSM (Veterans):
CBT 5 / CMD 5  / CON 5
Gear: Powered battle armor
Trait: Stoic
#1 Gauss pistol, Chain sword
#2 Gauss rifle,
#3 Gauss rifle,

Eldar – Standard (489pts)

Howling Banshee Exarch (Commander) 

CBT 6 / CMD 6 / CON 5
Gear: Vibro cleaver. Ballistic Vac suit
Trait: Savage aspect, Sprinter

2x Howling Banshee (Veterans)
CBT 5 / CMD 4  / CON 4
Gear: Vibro sword (with “Energy”), Gauss pistol. Ballistic Vac suit
Trait: Savage aspect, Sprinter

4x Guardians (Troopers)
 CBT 4 / CMD 4 / CON 3
Gear: Skin-suit, Gyrojet rifle
Trait: Sprinter

Daniel had written his own "Chainsword" profile, and paid extra to include Energy for the Vibro swords to better reflect the "Power weapons" in WH40k.


We then played 2 games, the learning curve was a bit steep during game 1 since most of the new equipment in the Sci-fi addon has a lot of bonuses, tweaks and multi-rules attached to most profiles. However the game did feel "right" considering what we wanted to achieve with the two WH40k factions. The Chaos Space Marines were almost invulnerable to must shooting, due to their thick Power armor and high Combat stat. The Eldar Guardians were frail and you did not want to group them together since they would be targets for "Directed bursts" from the enemy Gauss rifles.

The Howling Banshees really worked as they were meant to, running up into close combat and slicing the chaos space marines with their power weapons. The chaos marines received "Stoic" to keep them in the fight longer (partially due to them only being 4 soldiers, and would start to take morale tests after having lost 1 or more).

The Chaos Marines won one battle and the Eldar won the other. Chaos Space Marines lost 2 men in each battle, while the eldar lost two soldiers in battle nr1 and three soldiers in battle nr 2.

Lots of fun could be had with the Sci-Fi rules. We toyed around with ideas and thought of "less dorky" miniature ranges which could be used with this addon. The APE suits from Secrets of the Third Reich would fit in quite well, Infinity and MERC miniatures as well.


As for the fantasy expansion, Robert Faust emailed me a few of the new profiles which will be included in the expansion PDF. These are posted below

New Gear


Elven Bow
Period – Any
Profile: 20/2/3

Elves are the undisputed masters of bow craft and archery.  They weave fey magics into their weapons and craft them for perfect balance, strength and accuracy. An Elf Bow has tremendous penetrating force at close range.  It also has a greater range than traditional Long Bows crafter by other cultures.

Gear Traits:
•   Piercing
•   2-hands
25 SP

Elven Warblade
Period - Any
Profile: 1/C/2

Elven weapon smiths craft incredibly fine blades that incorporate and element from the Fey Realm called Truesteel.  These weapons have perfect balance and keen edges providing a lethal instrument of defense in the hands of a trained swordsman.

Gear Traits:
•   Elvish Steel
•   Riposte
10 SP

Elven Great Warblade
Period – Any
Profile: 2/C/3

This is the larger cousin of the Elven Warblade.  It is an impressive sight to behold in the hands of an Elven Weapon Master.

Gear Traits:
•   Elvish Steel
•   Riposte
•   2-hands
25 SP

Ronin – Originally a term for Masterless Samurai, it has become synonymous with ‘loner’ in common parlance.  A Ronin model does not wait to take orders from others, seeking his own path of action. This model generates its own Action Token during the Orders Phase every Turn.  It may not be assigned an Action from the Tactical Pool.  A Battle Force may only have one model with the Ronin Trait in it at any time, and it can only be a Veteran.  Models with the Commander Trait may not have the Ronin Trait either.

A model with the Ronin Trait may not use the Command Radius of a model with the Commander Trait.  A Ronin model cannot be the recipient of an Action Token from the use of the Inspiring or Belay Order Traits.  This model automatically passes all Outnumbered Panic Checks.
25 SP


  1. Sounds like they have a lot of potential for a "Hard SciFi" style game

  2. Yea, could even be a good option for a "Wasteland" style game.

  3. If I had more terrain in my local group for it - I would personally go for a "Fallout" based Sci-Fi approach.

  4. You've gotta check out the Fallout-themed table in this gallery http://boardgamegeek.com/images/boardgame/35425/mutants-and-death-ray-guns

    And here's some terrain by a local Necromunda player http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h160/s_tan_photos/rock%20bottom/Uncle%20Weirdy/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20

    Me, I'm more of a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. guy when it comes to post-apoc.

  5. Very cool Luka, thanks for the link. I think I have seen some of that stuff previously in a painting thread over at Lead Adventure Forum :-)


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