18 June 2012

Brink of Battle skirmish at Devil's creek (F&IW)

Introduced my friend David to Brink of Battle this Thursday, running my "demo" setup of French and Indian War miniatures. So one side were playing French colonials, while the other side was made up of Mohawk raiders led by an European officer.

David picked the Colonials so I played the Mohawk raiders.

The story of this small skirmish was that the French colonials, regulars with some conscripted settler militiamen were travelling down the forest road minding their own business. Once they reached Devil's creek and the stone bridge they were ambushed by a band of Mohawk raiders preying upon the colonial travelers in the area. The Colonials had to either push their way over the bridge and head to safety at the end of the road leading to a nearby village - or try to scare away their attackers by putting up a fight.

The fight lasted 6 turns and pretty much resulted in a firefight across the creek from behind bushes and trees as both sides tried kill each other from afar and relative safety. Both sides of the creek was filled with smoke and bullets whistled past soldiers. Some Mohawks tried to ford the creek at the far end but were discovered and shot by Colonials. One particular Mohawk raider had his position peppered with a dozen projectiles, receiving several flesh wounds before a mortal wound struck him down.

One Colonial French regular and one militiaman was also killed by Mohawk snipers taking aimed shots as the French were moving to better positions. The soldier was killed in reaction fire from a Mohawk before he managed to squeeze off a shot of his own.

Still the Colonials pressed on and with a bit of luck they managed to kill 3 more Mohawks, severly crippling the enemy force and made the remnants - including their European leader - withdraw from battle. The Colonial force had prevailed with but 2 casualties.

A very interesting situation with Brink of Battle has developed down at the club. A guy that plays FoW with us, Fredrik, had read my review of the BoB rules and thought he would use them for his Modern Warfare Afghanistan skirmish games. In turn two of my other friends, Patrik and Thomas who are also friends with Fredrik started talking about using the rules for a medieval/War of the Roses themes skirmish  - which got me and David interested in obtaining a couple of miniatures for the period as well. I had initially planned to expand with some Samurai for Period 1 games, but I think medieval English and French knights should be just as fun. I also think that it would be fun to base skirmish forces on the houses in A Game of Thrones. Will see if I go that far, it seems that Thomas just want to play "straight historical medieval" games.

This week another friend is coming over to my house to try out the rules with Warhammer 40k Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines. He really liked the rules, and wanted to use his Sci Fi miniatures with them. It will be very interesting to see how that works, I think we will be able to simulate the "fluff" of the world a lot better on the tabletop with BoB compared to how WH40k plays.


  1. A beautiful agmes mate - lovely terrain and figs.

    I would LOVE to play some Hundred Years Wars games at a lower level. I think it is badly neglected at that scale because Battles like Crecy and Agincourt are so exciting to play. Nevertheless I think the Free Companies, Mercenaries and divided loyalities of the French, English and other could make for some wonderful gaming - wish I could join you!

  2. Thanks Paul, Thomas in our group namedropped a bunch of wars going on during the medieval centuries when we were playing yesterday. There certainly is a lot to pick from and using the skirmish format allows you to buy a handful of cool miniatures and still be able to play a fun game.

  3. How does it compare to the rules from Iron Ivan?
    "This Very Ground" I think they're called.

  4. I think I explained in in another post related to BiB and F&IW.
    But the short story is that they are two different games. BoB is a generic skirmish game that allows you to build and theme forces for various periods of history as you see fit. You play with single model activation and 5-30 miniatures per side.

    This Very Ground is very good, but I would prefer to use it for larger pitched battles of the F&IW as the mechanics of ranked fire and movement with entire units makes more sense under such circumstances.

    So if you want to play small skirmish battles this rules are great, if you want larger more structured battles then TVG is a better choice. It depends on what you are after, you can always combine both games. BoB offers a campaign system where you can advance your soldiers and have some of them wounded or end up dead. TVG does not have a campaign mode as such, but with little imagination you can make it work as a coherent campaign with linked scenarios anyway.

    You can search for the This Very Ground review on this blog if you want to learn more about that game. And there is also a review of Brink of Battle on this blog as well.

  5. Thanks for the thumbnail summary. BoB sounds quite good, though I am usually not a fan of the "one ruleset to rule them all" school of thought where you use the same ruleset for a zillion different periods....

    1. I hear where you're coming from evilleMonkeigh. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how BoB works.

      Great report Alex! Always top notch BatReps from you.

      I can't wait to see your HYW games. Period 1 really gets in to the Close combat rules, which are my favorite of the game mechanics in BoB.

    2. I have played them on two occasions now, 5 games in total, AWI and WW2. Both periods have been brilliant and look forward to playing them more.

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