20 June 2012

By Fire & Sword update from Wargamer

Emailed Wargamer in Poland a couple of days ago to check up on the progress of the translation and and a few other questions. I received an answer from Konrad Sosinski who's in charge over at Wargamer and one of the two authors of the rules.
"Part of the rules is translated, proofread and currently in the graphic studio. Rest is proofread right now. It’s very hard to say when  we would be able to print the book but we are moving forward. Things have slowed down by technical issues we have with casting our line of buildings and the huge interest around the game here in Poland. We had to create few official  on-line supplements for the game, we organize tournaments and meetings for  players. etc. Those additional things slow down our work on English version.

Our goal is also to have a printed supplement for the game before end of the year. It will be Deludge  - Polish vs. Swedish war 1655-60. Two new armies would appears there: Brandenburg and Transylwania. As to your question about the Danish forces being released – I would ask Rafal Szwelicki (co writer of the rules) about his opinion. We shoud probably be able to also add Danish forces as well.

As to the question about the expansion being in English upon release in Polish language – we want to release the main rulebook in English first before starting on a translation of the expansion book. We would like to focus on Eastern Europe but more armies  like Danish would be added also. If not in book form then in PDF.

I hope all of you people waiting for the English rules can bear it just a little longer. I personally think it will be well worth the wait. It's a very well written and well executed set of rules.
And it is exciting news that additional armies and countries are going to be added (Wargamer has already added Courland as a PDF based Polish allied army).

I also think there is a relevant explanation as to why the rules were released in Polish first. This period is very popular in Polish culture and the market for this period has been pretty much left untapped. At the same time it is not as certain that the period and geographical area of the conflicts covered by the main rulebooks are as interesting to a West European audience.
Thus it makes sense to accumulate cash, sales and establish the game domestically before expanding with an English language version.

In the meantime, while waiting for the rules, I hope you guys will enjoy the battle reports (latest) that I'm posting of this game and don't hesitate to ask questions about the game here in the comments or contact wargamers English support directly through:  byfireandsword@wargamer.pl


  1. Danes shouldn't be a problem, we should be able to make them as free pdf (same as Courland) as I have enough information about them. There are few other options from 'Deluge' war before we do that though ;)

  2. Yeah I'm lobbying for Danes since I think it will be a popular nation here in Sweden for those who want to play the wars between Sweden and Denmark during the rule of Charles X and Charles XI. Andreas in my gaming group is aiming at painting up a Danish army using the Swedish OoB from the main rulebook.

  3. Danes army construction will be slightly different, as their rules and stats, but I'm sure I can convince Konrad and Rafał to make this army. Probably only as pdf, minis here.

  4. Thanks for the update on the rules and your battle reports. I'm looking forward to hopefully giving these a try...

  5. Can't wait, but happy to wait for it to be done properly and not rushed.

  6. Seem to be a very nice game. Hopefully some people around here will play it when its released.

  7. Rules for Charles X Gustav Danes are simple, roll 1D6, on a 1-6 the Swedes win ;-) Bad jokes aside the Danish army was in poor shape for facing the Swedes in open battle in this period. It was not for nothing that they had to rely so heavily on their allies to take the fight to the Swedes.

    After 1660 the Danish army was reorganised and improved a lot in time for the next war in 1675-1679. Still they found it hard to turn numerical superiority into victory, just why that was the case is an interesting question that still have to be fully answered.

  8. I see the escakation starting. Lets see how long it take us to end back were we started.

    Really looking forward for the brandenburgers. I mean with Friedland as surname I most play them.


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