22 June 2012

EotD Victorian Zombies box and Ltd ed mini's review

The Victorian Zombies box does not belong to any faction (at least yet). You are able to raise a zombie mob if your Gentlemen's club has the evil "Hellfire club" affiliation. I think that the use of zombies in the rules will expand in the future - but nothing stops you from swappig the "innocent bystanders" for some walking corpses or include them in any other way you see fit.

Can one ever have too few (or too many) zombies? And these Victorian zombies look great, you get 10 28mm unique zombies in the Victorian Zombies box (despite only 7 being featured on the box cover). They are in various stages of decomposition, some look fresh others look really rotten. These sculpts are several steps sharper than the Zombies already featured in the Gothic Horror range and there is nothing not to like about them.

I also received the limited edition Professor Erazmus, which is a bookish looking character that you can hire and then keep on retainer. This miniature is really cool and very detailed with lots of character to his look. The other limited edition miniature is the butler - which I can only assume is one of the "Infernium" humanoid machines. No official rules for this miniature yet, but he looks like he belongs at the "Gentlemen's Club".

Just like with the boxed sets previously reviewed, this lot is of equal quality and standard.

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