21 June 2012

Fedayeen Saddam vs US Army (Brink of Battle AAR)

My first Brink of Battle Period 3 (Modern Warfare) battle report. This was a demo game I ran for my friends Thomas and Patrik. Thomas provided the miniatures and the cool buildings. The tables and roads were from the FoW club. I had so much fun that Thomas suckered me into ordering a handfull of 20mm "Elhiem miniatures" Iraq war miniatures of my own. 20mm is not my scale of choice, but since Thomas had already made a bunch of terrain and planning for more, then why not?

Besides this project will be a minimal amount of distraction for me while expanding my use of Brink of Battle rules further. The demo did not use all the cool gear, traits and weapons you can get in Period 3. I kept it simple with Medium MG's and Assault rifles on both sides. Thomas had RPG gunners and grenade launchers as well, but as I said I wanted to keep it simple (and I had not looked at this part of the rules up until today).

So the game was US forces, I rated them Elite and they were all rated very high at Combat 5 across the board. The Fedayeen Saddam were rated as a regular force but I gave them crappy Combat 3 to make a point of the difference in training, tactics, gear and experience.

Both sides landed roughly around 330 points. The Iraqi force was 7 man strong, the US had 5 men. This was just played as a regular encounter - or your typical fight to the death.

Battle lasted for 6 turns IIRC, it was bloody as hell. Started out with just a couple of bursts from each side and soon escalated into a crazy wild west shootout with machinegun fire rattling down the streets and troos popping in and out of cover to squeeze off a couple of bullets. The Iraqi forces lost two guys around turn 3. Then two more the next turn. They passed their motivation roll and stayed in the fight - like true zealots, and managed to kill one of the US soldiers. The remaining US troops then started to take aimed shots at the remaining Fedayeen and killed all but 1 guy who decided that he had done his duty and could get the hell out of there with his honor intact.

The guys seemed to like the rules, and have already been planning on using the Period 1 rules together with the  Perry Miniatures" War of the Roses range. I think the war in Iraq just got added to the list of conflicts that we are going to use together with the Brink of Battle rules.


  1. It looks like a funny game. Superb terrain.

  2. Its great when you have rules that can work well in multiple periods, makes it much easier to pick up and play different things and keep the variety up. I really don't like modern day stuff though to be honest - too much like my day job.

  3. There was a thread on The Miniature Page about playing "modern warfare" and the ethical problems of playing an ongoing conflict. On one hand it does feel like the wargaming industry exploits every single conflict, on the other hand it should not be any weirder than playing any other period/war. People don't reflect much on playing SS formations in WW2 games to make an extreme example.

    I'm perfectly understanding of players and people in general shunning or disliking a particular era, war, army or nation when it comes to wargaming though. I personally find Zulu wargames a tad morbid to behold, but people tend not to reflect upon that as much as I do. Still as long as the game is presented and executed in a tasteful manner without any political aspirations lurking in the background I'm OK with it.

  4. Great report Alex! Glad to see you got to fire some Medium MG's...very satisfying!

    As for conflicts people like or dislike, I can't be bothered with American Civil War or Napoleonic periods myself. In the case of the former, I was more interested in the English Civil War than the American one. :)


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