11 June 2012

Hilarious Prometheus screenplay spoof

While checking Lead Adventure Forum I found a link to a Prometheus screenplay spoof - written by someone who must have been extremely frustrated with the movie. I love that the person even took the time to write it as a proper screenplay with Movie Magic Screenwriter or Final Draft, names and places written in a correct way etc. Really well done. And totally the funniest thing I have read in a long while: http://bbot.org/badtranscript-prometheus.html

Would be great to see an SNL skit made from this, just like the Downtown Abbey one - or the one where they explain nudity on Game of Thrones LOL!

Let's keep this post comments all about the humor :-)


  1. Hilarious! My favourite is still the LotR one though;

    Gandalf: The ring has to be thrown into Mt Doom to destroy it, or else Sauron will take over Middle Earth.

    Frodo: Oh, I suppose I have some serious walking ahead of me then.

    Gandalf: Not at all, I know these giant eagles and they'll fly us there and back in no time at all.

  2. That's a pretty damn good rundown of the crap heap that was Prometheus. Thanks!

  3. that destroyed that movie. ka-pow!
    it was funny and sadly true. im arlready looking forward to seeing prometheus II: prometheuser

  4. "James Camererons Prometheus's" haha :-D

  5. LOL, funny, I liked the movie, "mostly" but after reading this, have to agree with it, I'll watch it again though.

  6. Here is a great take on Prometheus as depicted as a Role Playing Game - it makes more sense this way!


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