06 June 2012

Nosferatu clan Graf

The faction leader of the Nosferatu for Empire of the Dead. Thought I would start painting up the vampire miniatures since I lack fitting models to truly represent them in a good way. In game the vampire characters are weakened quite a bit if the game is played during "daylight", so the best thing the Nosferatu can do is to buy influence points between campaign games and then use those to invoke "unusual occurrence - almost night" during a game. This turns day into night over a couple of turns, which not only strengthens the vampires but reduces general LoS for non supernatural characters to 18".

The main tactical weakness of vampires is that they can't use any modern weapons, this is however weighed up by their main strength of being very hard to actually kill when rolling on the "wound chart" where the vampires reduce the result by 2 which is a significant to them being able to endure wounds unless you swamp them with miniatures in close combat kicking at them from all sides. The other weakness is that they are "evil alignment" so opposing factions can equip their units with holy symbols and other stuff to try to repel them. There are many more items affecting evil creatures than good, on the other hand supernatural beasts like Werewolves and Vampires are scary on their own and force non supernatural characters to pass a successful “bravado” test in order to be able to charge them.

More bloodsuckers and their servants will follow.


  1. Gorgeous work on the face there mate!

  2. Nice work. That's why I only reviewed unpainted minis :-P

  3. Thanks guys :-)
    The consort turned out a bit better than the Graf, I'll post pictures of her tomorrow.

  4. Very nice. I like the way that you have done the cloak effects and the mud


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