24 June 2012

Nosferatu clan Thrall & Bat Swarms

Three more models, one regular Thrall armed with a hunting rifle and two Bat Swarms.

Last two Thralls coming up shortly. In case you guys haven't noted I'm using a new "skin recipe" for this faction, or at least the Thralls.

The way they are painted is:

1) Tallarn Flesh (Foundation paint) over black basecoat
2) Wash with Leviathan purple
3) First highlight, Tallarn flesh again, leave some of the purple wash as wrinkles
4) Second highlight, add some bone white into the Tallarn flesh
5) Third highlight roughly 50-50 Bone White-Tallarn Flesh
6) If needed make one last highlight with 70-30 BW-TF

The Bat swarms were just drybrushed with Khemri Brown then generously washed with Devlan Mud followed by Badab black. I wanted the bats to have a more natural brown color than the leather black bats many people like to paint.


  1. Great job mate - love the wood effect on the gunstock in particular!

  2. Thanks Paul. The wood is painted Scorched Brown, washed with devlan mud and then repainted with thin lines of Scorched earth followed by thin lines of Calthan Brown. I made the lines swirly on purpose as opposed to my usual straight lines. I think this made the gunstock look a bit more interesting.

  3. Maybe a stupid question but how do you do with the washes?

  4. Cool figure, and splendit paintjob!

  5. @Blue
    Do you mean on the gunstock or the skin of the Thrall?

    I still have those now "out of production" Citadel Washes that are fantastic - but I guess you could use the new ones as well as washing with watered down regular paint as well.

    The idea is to create a shade over a color before proceeding painting. I usually do my washes during the very early steps, normally on the basecoat like with the skin color and then apply new layers of paint while leaving a trace of the wash visible and intact.


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