16 June 2012

Polish Divisional General and Regimental commander

Last two stands to complete my 3 regiment Polish-Lithuanian division.

The divisional general on a large 4x4cm base, used two left over Polish-Hungarian infantrymen as a bodyguard on foot. The cavalry and flags are from Wargamer, infantry from Legio Heroica.

And also the regimental commander for the Volunteer regiment. The command miniature on this base is Michal Wolodyjowski from the "By Fire & Sword characters blister" which included the main characters of Henryk Sienkiewicz Trilogy.

By Fire & Sword is played on 4 different levels which translates into your "standardized points" of other games such as Flames of War where you play 1500points Mid War. In this game you pick a level and pick regiments and companies, then count the points. It does not matter if the sides are equally balanced with points, the game has mechanics to balance smaller vs larger armies and gives both benefits and penalties to the player with the smaller army (such as being able to pick your battleground and tactical advantages of having scouted the terrain, but possibly becoming shaken by the sight of outnumbering enemy forces).

The core rulebook cover

Level 1: Skirmish between patrols
Level 2: Division (3-6 regiments per side led by a divisional general)

Level 3 Army and Level 4 Campaign will be covered in future releases for the rules. Me and the guys around here are currently aiming at proper level 2 games.

Army pictures will follow shortly :-D


  1. I like the idea of 'bodyguards' on base. Looks bit crowdy but nice :)

  2. Thanks guys :-)

    @Kadrinazi, I was at first going to put 4 horses on the command base but that would be even more crowded. I know the general base in the "Polish commanders" boxed set has 3 riders and 1 banner man on foot. I wanted to simulate something like that, but had no banner men on foot so I used my leftover Polish-Hungarian infantrymen. It's crowded but I think it looks pretty cool :-D


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