08 June 2012

Polish infantry vs Czech panzers "Surrounded"

Played a rather short (and pretty one sided) battle against Patrik's Czech panzer army. This exact force had wiped me out during the last EW tournament so I knew I was up to my knees in trouble from the start. It did not help that the scenario was the exact same scenario which we had played in the EW tournament - "Surrounded".

My "tournament" army which had been built to be flexible in assault/defense against regular armies had huge trouble handling 3 Panzer platoons, double 88's and Stuka Schwerpunkt.

I think the battle was over in less than an hour, on turn 3 IIRC. My tanks were destroyed by both enemy Stuka's and enemy tanks rolling in from two sides. My AT gun platoon was reduced to 1 gun and my artillery car was destroyed by enemy tanks. I had rifle armed infantry on the left flank without any chance of stopping the PzII spraying them with shots and then following up to drive over the Polish positions. I decided not to re-roll a platoon morale check which had the remnants defending the left flank flee off table and thus allowing Patrik to win faster. There was no point in dragging it out.

This upcoming weekend I will meet his list again, this time I will do what I hate to do - creating a "counter army" with his army in mind. In this tournament list I had several units which had absolutely nothing to do against tanks (mortars, HMG platoons, cavalry etc), and ended up fighting with 2-3 units for the duration of the battle. Next weekend should prove a bit more difficult for Patrik - and I hope it will be a more exciting game for us both.


  1. Great report and photos. Encouraged to play :)

  2. Maybe you will win today antoli as you built à list to handle My list. But I would not bet on it. ;-)


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