17 June 2012

Polish-Lithuanian complete Division pictures

Tried to take decent photos of my Polish-Lithuanian division, the pictures ended up so-so even though I tried to tweak the light and colors. I simply don't have a camera for these type of pictures.
Still, I hope you guys enjoy these group shots of the army standing together.

The division is made up of:

Divisional General

Polish Crown cavalry regiment
1 Regimental commander
2 cossack style cavalry companies
2 Pancerni companies
1 Winged hussar company

Polish-Lithuanian Volunteer regiment
1 Regimental commander
4 Volunteer cavalry companies

Polish Dragoon regiment
1 Regimental commander
4 Dragoon companies

Divisional support
1 Commander of artillery
3 Falcon 3pdr artillery pieces
2 Polish-Hungarian infantry companies

120 riders and horses, good thing I never counted them before starting this project or else I would have picked another army!
The army will be expanded with 1 regiment of German mercenary infantry (old type) and additional companies for the Crown cavalry company so that I can unlocked another 3 stands of Winged Hussars.


  1. Wonderful shots - nothing like a massed Army!

  2. Awesome, can't wait till the rules are out in english.

  3. Those are a lot of very nice painted miniatures!! Great work!!

  4. Thanks guys, battle report from today's battle will be up during the week. It was awesome to play this game on a Division level :-D

  5. thanks for the game yesterday! the rules are very interesting and quite intuitive. the instruction/order system was great fun. ill paint up another regiment of infantry, armoured, this time, next and then we´ll have another game.

  6. Rule might be out by the and of the year :)

    Beautiful army. Great paining. Mercenary infantry regiment is a great addition. Last few games (my Swedish army vs PLC) proved that well positioned infantry, supported by artillery is to hard to beat by cavalry.


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