28 June 2012

Two dogs and a Daemonic Hound

These are miniatures from one of the blisters that I won during the "Strange Aeons" competition hosted by Styx over at the Lead Adventure Forum a couple of weeks ago.

The blister is from Black Cat Bases and includes two regular sized 28mm dogs and a big and evil looking demonic hound. Perfect for Strange Aeons to use with the "dog handler" rules from Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem vol.1 and the "daemonic hound" profile found in the main rulebook.

The group picture shows the BCB dogs along with my patched up with greenstuff "zombie dog" from Uncle Mikes Strange Aeons range.


  1. Nicely done. I like the glowing teeth.

    There aren't enough dogs for 28mm gaming I would love an English Bull Terrier and the only one I can find is part of a £30 boxed set :( and the other figures I have no use for

  2. Very cool - got my own "Hounds of Tindalos" to work on soon!

  3. Anatoli, great work there! I love how the dogs turned out and the teeth are great with the glow effects! Glad you enjoyed them!

    They have animals there including a huge selection of dogs, I swear I saw a English Bull Terrier there. They are cheap also, but don't le tme secret out!

  4. The dogs are not for sale yet from Black Cat Bases, Anatoli got one of the prizes of an early release months before it goes up on the website.

  5. BTW Brummie, page 4 of the catalog has a Bull Terrier. $1.50 US. Enjoy!


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