02 July 2012

EW Poles vs Germans Victory Decision AAR

As I'm a big fan of Early War WW2 Agis Neugebauer, writer of Victory Decision, allowed me to take a sneak peak at the upcoming EW addons for his V.D. game. One army book for the Polish army, and one for EW German infantry formations.

So I had to take the rules for a spin against my friend Thomas who played Germans in this fight. The armies were around 1500pts, the Germans had a bit more points since they were attacking, those extra points were put into 2 additional PzI tanks which were held in reserve.

-Platoon -
Polish Rifle Platoon Command Section
Polish Rifle Section
Polish Rifle Section
Polish Rifle Section

-Weapons support-
Polish Medium Mortar Company Support Section
Polish wz.30 HMG Company Support Team
wz34 Armored Car unit (2 cars w HMG) (held in reserve)

-Heavy support-
FT Light Tank w AT gun and co-ax MG
7-TP jw Light Tank (held in reserve)
Polish wz36 Anti-Tank Gun

The Germans had (IIRC)

1 Command
3 Infantry squads
1 HMG squad
1 Medium Mortar squad
1 Light mortar squad
3x PzI (2 held in reserve)
1x Pz38t
1x AA truck
1x 8-rad

We used a 4x4' table for this game, which might have been too small and in retrospect I think we should have used a bigger and more terrain dense table. The new stuff for EW worked fine. The Ft-17 was wonderfully slow and prone to breakdowns. The reserves never made it onto the table however.

I was for some reason completely exhausted physically and mentally this day so we did not manage to properly finish the battle. However I stand by what I wrote in the Victory Decision rules review, these rules are better for when you want to simulate a smaller battle, or a battle taking place on a more confined/tight table where smaller units can maneuver and use cover better than in Flames of War. For battles such as the Westerplatte scenario in my "September campaign" PDF book is better off using V.D. rules than sticking to FoW OoB and rules which become too clunky and crowded for the purpose. The rules also allow you to include stuff that perhaps would not make it into a FoW army, such as Ft-17 tanks, small recon cars etc.

I'm also very happy that the Polish Army book for V.D. will include ALL units of the Polish army from 1939. Not only do you get off table artillery and air support, you can also field R35 tanks, engineers with flamethrowers, snipers, Bofors AA guns, the older wz.29 Armored scout car and all 3 military formations (infantry, cavalry, motorized infantry). The only thing not included is the armored train - which I think would be overkill in a game such as this.

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