30 July 2012

EW Polish R35 tank company

And all 10 tanks painted up and ready for battle. The companies of the 21st Battalion had 4 platoons of R35 tanks (3 tanks in each platoon, as the formation was styled after the French). So I can always expand with 3 more tanks if I wish.

One of the changes to the unit stats that I have included in my September Campaign v.2.0 is making 37mm SA18 guns (found on FT-17 and R35 tanks) RoF3 instead of RoF2. This is based upon technical information on how easily a single gunner could handle the SA18 gun which was semi automatic and had a flat trajectory. The rate of fire at its best was 15 rounds/minute (10 rounds/minute was recommended). Compared to Polish 37mm AT guns that fired at a rate of 12/rounds per minute on average I thought it was a fair increase to the RoF. I upped the points cost for the RoF and the Fearless rating.

The company I'm going to play looks like this:

21st Light tank Battalion kompani (R35)      (FEARLESS/TRAINED)

Company HQ
1x R35 Tank 60 points

Combat platoons
3x R35 tank platoons 450 points

Weapon platoons

Sapper platoon with 2 sections and Engineer supply truck 220 points

Motorcycle platoon with 2squads 140 points

Divisional Support
Piechoty company ( 3 platoons + HMG platoon, no AT rifles/Light mortars) 640 points

1510 points

Renault R-35 tank (tweaked profile)
Fully tracked, One man turret, Co-Ax MG,
Slow tank,   Armour 3/3/1
37mm SA18 gun:  16”/40cm,   RoF3 AT4 FP4+

The 21st Light tank company is just one of 5 Polish tank companies that will be included in my September Campaign v.2.0. I really look forward to share the final result once everything is written and ready for release. I figure the book will be released in roughly 2 months time from now. Maybe sooner. There is a LOT of work but there will also be a TON of new content and army lists for Polish, Germans, Slovak and Soviet armies based upon the invasion of Poland 1939.


  1. Having played 3 games with this army yesterday I can say it is great fun against stuff like the Leichte Panzerkompanie and infantry armies. "Real tanks" pose a much bigger problem as they should. I also feel I need that 4th platoon of R35 tanks for full combat effectiveness.

    It was great fun to have enemy shells bouncing of the armor though! Hope to have some pics from the battles up within a couple of days.

  2. I love these early AFVs. A welcome change from endless panthers and T34s, not to mention Shermans.

  3. Thanks guys, glad you like them. There will be a LOT more Early War stuff in the near future :-)


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