17 July 2012

EW Trucks for the Polish artillery and Blitzkrieg rant

Would love to say "Polish trucks", but they are Soviet Zis-5 trucks. The closest lookalike substitute I could get though. Made another search on the internet today and was really annoyed and disappointed at the same time about the lack of good Early War vehicles to fill the gaps in Battlefronts range for my Motorized brigade among other things. What's worse is that many manufacturers make miniatures and then don't have any damn pictures up on their site. How hard is it to snap a picture of the unpainted model ?!

Then when you finally find stuff like the Vickers E type A/B tanks they cost like 8 dollars a piece, lack any kind of detail, and don't even look like the proper Polish Vickers tank which had large ventilation exhausts to provide additional cooling of the engine. Utterly demoralizing.

I'm not going to use 7TP tanks for the Warsaw motorized or 10th motorized cavalry brigade, it's completely ahistorical. And yet you have that option in the army list to do so, probably for the single reason that Battlefront realized that they would not be making any Vickers tanks, and no one else really made any proper Polish Vickers tanks either so you would more or less be forced to use other (in miniatures available) tank support. It's bullshit.

Then you see threads on various forums about the lack of interest for the Early War Poles and the Blitzkrieg book - resulting in Battlefront making the Polish range special order only. Well what can one expect when the market lacks high quality:

Vickers A/B (proper with vents, and added superstructure to the MG turrets)
Fiat command cars
Fiat field cars for towing light AT guns
Fiat trucks
Fiat Tachanka with MG
Cavalry Tachanka
Cavalry uniformed weapon and AT gun team crews
Armored railcars for transporting Ft17/Tankettes with the train

And talking about Blitzkrieg, how could the Polish army end up without either AA guns, ANY kind of air support and have their Tankettes which are reconnaissance vehicles and were produced for that very purpose lack the reconnaissance rule. Not to mention stuff like the 9TP tank (more produced than other weirdo "2 of a kind" crap the Germans get in every other book release), R35 tanks and  wz29 heavy armored cars. The Poles seem to suffer from a backwards "game balance" logic which dictates that they will not have any AA or air support because that is how they are meant to be played. They should have had AA guns because everyone else in FoW is getting stuff like that as divisional support, and they should have had sporadic air interception and for the 10th Motorized cavalry brigade - sporadic bomber air support.

Of course I can house rule everything and anything, but if I want to play a tournament or "legally" use something against an opponent without feeling like an ass that will be hard. Furthermore, I will lack units historically taking part in the Polish defense during the invasion, (because of a combination of lack of models and lack of profiles) and then I get to face shit like StuG tank destroyers, Panzerjäger I's etc. Where is the logic, balance and fairness in that?

Blitzkrieg is now some kind of pariah among the released books, reduced to a backwater framework for homebrewn games and campaigns.

Blitzkrieg would need a proper rewrite. Adding what's missing to all nations involved. Making a distinction between 1939 and 1940 equipment/units for the Germans. Adding the Soviet invasion of Poland. Adding the invasion of the low countries. Add some more distinctive formations such as German paratroopers and mixed experimental Panzerdivision "Kempf", 1940 Poles in French army service. Spice things up a little and make the forces more fun and people will be more enthusiastic.

The only light at the end of this dark tunnel is that Forged in Battle are slowly releasing wonderful miniatures for the Early War Poles. Dismounted cavalry and 10th motorized infantry miniatures are pretty much around the corner.


  1. Got to love that post:)

    Very vell put Anatoli!

    Best regards Michael

  2. You probably found it but Old Glory do a Polish truck


    1. Thanks for the link - I already know about the True North/Old Glory range. I did not want to drop any names, but it was pretty much them I was talking about when I wrote about lack of pictures of models in their store.

      And while the TN/OG infantry are OK, the vehicles really lack in detail and looks to be up to my standards and at the same time they are quite expensive for what you get :-/

  3. Dude, you rock.... As a Pole in real life (Polish American) and a Pole player in FoW... I was shocked at the lack or historic models and figures available....

  4. Sorry to come to this late but I totally agree with you. Was looking forward to some decent soft transport from Battlefront, but the range just dried up.

    I use the True North Polski-Fiat truck which I find acceptable, as well as their PF508 staff car. The WZ.29 armoured car is also OK, IMHO.

    About the only consolation is that decent 7tp and tankette models are available.

    1. Yeah it's too bad much of the needed vehicles are either unavailable or "just OK" sculpts. I've been nagging to Forged in Battle and sent them pictures and info hoping to get them to sculpt the Vickers tanks for the Poles, if they did it would make me extremely happy.

      It would also be strange not to add those tanks to their range since they already have the 10th motorized cavalry infantry in their line. However I heard they were intending to add 7TP tanks first.


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