23 July 2012

First batch of Victorian Zombies

Because of various reasons I have not really painted much over the last week, but as more projects grow and expand I pushed myself to get a grip on what Empire of the Dead miniatures I had left. So I started painting the Victorian Zombie box and finished 5 of them in one sitting, next 5 will be done tomorrow.

The flesh of the zombies is painted like all my other zombies (you can see how it's done following this tutorial http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2011/12/painting-zombies-tutorial.html ). I deliberately kept them "clean" because I think overly bloody and dirty zombies are boring. Besides, they did not really have any serious amount of gaping wounds, I prefer to think of these as regular deceased people brought back to life rather than rabid newly fed flesheaters.


  1. Funny models and nice paintjob. I particularly like the zombie lady. :)

  2. Thanks guys, just finished painting the other 5 zombies. Pictures will be up in a day or two :-)

  3. These are great models and you've done your customary great paint work on them. I've got this box too and will hope to get results half as good. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

  4. Anatoli,

    These look great. I'm looking at getting these for Strange Aeons but was wondering how they scale next to the Copplestone figs I run. May I trouble you for a size comparison if possible?

    Thanks either way!


    Yeti's Yell (from LAF)

  5. Don't have any Copplestone figs in my collection, but these miniatures are 28mm, 25mm foot to eye level. They are also rather slim or "natural" so not very bulky. If that helps?


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