06 July 2012

Hardsuit painted up

Here's the 28mm Hardsuit painted up.
I will use this model as an "Infernium" powered automaton for Empire of the Dead until the "Nemonian" faction is released, or even as suggested some kind of steam powered suit of the Gentlemen's Club. I also think it will be used in Strange Aeons.

The miniature is from Recreational Conflict.


  1. Wow great, looking for a Bioshock-like Miniature like this for ages! Can you please specify which manufacturer made him? Can´t find him on the R.C. site!

  2. It's under "Lead Bones 28mm Pulp" on the Recreational Conflict store.

  3. Awesome, how do you find the time to do so much painting?!

    1. I try to paint something every day, that way you do get results even if is a small stream of things. Having a bunch of different projects going on at the same time I get a bit of variety as well which is always good.

      Some days however, like today I could not get myself to paint anything - currently working on some Battlefront manufactured Polish motorcycle infantry in 15mm which are both horrible models and boring to paint. Finished half the unit yesterday but probably won't finish the rest until early next week since the weekend is booked for gaming both Saturday and Sunday.

  4. I still really enjoy your painting style! Keep'm coming!

  5. Thanks mate, placed an Order!

  6. Fantastic art work great job they would look amazing in my game room!


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