25 July 2012

More Victorian Zombies and group picture

Second batch of Victorian zombies, last 5 miniatures from the Victorian Zombies box for Empire of the Dead. Truly great sculpts and I can think of lots of games where you could use them. They work well in any kind of 19th century setting, Old West, Steampunk, Gothic Horror etc.

They were fun to paint, but I'm mostly happy that they are finished. They have been waiting in the painting cue for some time and I never like to have miniatures piling up.


  1. Wow! Damm good looking zombies!

  2. Since I come from (quasi: Hyboria &c...) 'historical' gaming, the concept of a 'compulsory' association between a setting, a set of rules and a range of miniatures feels quite 'strange' to me (if a neat marketing trick ): if you chose to re-fight Gaugamela, the free choice or rules and minis manufacturer is still yours. Thus I'm sure many games originally set outside the 18th C. can be played by the time of the Lace Wars / with figurines in tricornes. Not only rather 'generic' ones such as 'Pike and Shot and Zombies', 'Witchfinder General', 'Witch Hunter', 'Chaos in Carpathia'... But also more 'specialized' ones, as you did with 'Strange Aeons': I toyed (publicly) with ideas about '18th C. Malifaux', which is perhaps a little extreme (?), but to transpose 'EotD' would certainly be possible without much modifications ('Lacepunk' weird weapons -maybe giving some the appearance of bioweapons to be further away from the 'mechanized' 19th C.?- can be given the stats of the original 'steampunk' ones).


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