28 July 2012

Peter Pig R 35 tank review

As I'm working on my September Campaign v.2.0 book I've been researching and writing a lot of additional army lists for the Polish army. I'll share a sneak preview with you guys once all the Polish stuff is finished (there will be German, Slovak and Soviet lists specific for 1939 as well).

In any case, one of the lists I'm writing is the 21st Light tank battalion which was made up of R-35 tanks. So I needed some R-35 tanks and the cheapest option ended up being Peter Pig. I've already bought tanks from Peter Pig previously, and while the infantry does look a bit off - their tanks are superb.

I bought 10 tanks for and received every tank without flaws (each came in a small bag of its own). You can imagine my relief that they were made up of just 4 pieces each, and the casting and metal quality is really on par with Forged in Battle. Very little cleaning required, I managed to assemble the tanks in 30 minutes. That's what it took me to assemble one of the Zvezda Zis trucks, this made me realize that I've grown very comfortable with 15mm miniatures that require little to no assembly at all. I get frustrated at multipart kits even if they offer great end results. I want to be able to start painting as soon as possible after breaking open a blister.

As you can the miniature had fittings for the tracks which made glueing them together very easy (they also only fit one way). The easiest way would be to jam the tracks all the way in, but I glued mine a millimeter away from the hull - otherwise the tracks would slope inward. The tracks are thankfully only sculpted where they are fully visible, which makes them easy to glue onto a flat surface.

I decided to base mine, since it make it easier to grab these little vehicle, eventually I hope to base my other Polish tanks as well just like I based my Tankettes and trucks. For one thing it brings every model up to the same height.

Anyways, I really recommend Peter Pig for their vehicles. The only real tradeoff is that they are cast "hollow" which means you won't be able to magnetize the turrets. But I can live with that.


  1. Looking forward to campaign 2.0. Have you send war games illustrated early soviet list this mi the? If not drop me a mail and I'll scan you a copy.

  2. No, I only have the Strelk and Tankovy EW lists that have been floating around on the internet for years. Or rather had them before I formatted my harddrive. I would be interested taking a look at the WGI list if you don't mind emailing it to me.

    Just like with the rest of the nations involved 1939 I will include lists that cover all/as many as possible of the formations taking part in the battle. But it may be at the very least interesting to see what the official list looks like.

    I'll give you a sneak preview of how things will look and what Polish lists will be included in my reply to your email ;-)


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