14 July 2012

Polish 2nd Tankette platoon

Here's another platoon of tankettes painted up and ready to support both the Motorized and regular cavalry companies. The color difference is due to the first platoon having been matt varnished while the new platoon has not been varnished at all. I like the color of the new platoon more, so I will try to darken the brown camo pattern of the 1st platoon to match the new one.

I had actually made an assembly mistake with my first platoon a year ago, you are limited to 2 tankettes with 20mm guns. So when I was assembling the second platoon I made 4 with MG and 1 with 20mm gun then swapped one of the 20mm tankettes from first platoon before marking both units with platoon markings to be able to tell them apart.

Really like the models, and the unit. I don't think I have ever managed to get much bang for my buck using the tankettes in battle - and I am still really disappointed that they DON'T have the reconnaissance rule when they were manufactured for reconnaissance use. One of the things big and small that annoy me about the Polish briefing in Blitzkrieg and which could have been easily fixed with an errata or something.

Btw, for fans of the "September Campaign" - I will be working on the document to bring the scenario rules up to FoW version 3 standards, as well as revise some of the scenario descriptions/wordings/victory objectives. Depending on various things I may also add additional content which was left out in the current version. It will be a lot of work as I have a bunch of ideas which have been written down and postponed over the last couple of months due to other project - but it does feel like now would be a good time to work on this again. The only problem is that I had to format and completely re-install everything on my stationary computer yesterday and lost a lot of stuff like pictures, links and notes (but thankfully not the rtf document of the campaign book) - so the whole thing is already delayed as I will be trying to first get back what was lost before I can start writing again.

But keep your eyes out for September Campaign v.2.0.


  1. That's a damn nice camo effect Anatoli....

  2. Thanks Angry Lurker, I improved upon it from my previous camo painting. Made it a bit more irregular and kept more shadows from the washes visible in between the layers.


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