13 July 2012

Polish motorcycle reconnaissance platoon

A Polish motorcycle reconnaissance platoon for my Early War army. These guys will be part of both a "Warsaw armoured motorized brigade" and the "10th motorized cavalry brigade". There is no way I'm buying another unit and model them to the look of the 10th motorized, the assembly is a pain in the ass and they are not that fun to paint. The end result is a fun and very cool unit, but one is enough for me...

Next up is another platoon of tankettes and some trucks to tow my AT gun platoon. To begin with I will play the Warsaw armoured motorized brigade (they fought in regular army uniforms and I already have a horde of those models) - and I will try to play it historically - just as I intend to play the 10th motorized historically. This means I need Vickers A/B tanks and sadly there are no such models on the market (that I know of) that are up to my desired standards.

In the long run, once Forged in Battle release their 10th motorized cavalry brigade infantry which they have been teasing us with on their facebook page the idea is to expand with a couple of new infantry units.

And once the motorized part of my army is done I look into getting some cavalry units to make a Cavalry company as well. But judging from the army roster the "Motorized" list looks the most fun and varied in content.


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