18 July 2012

Secrets of the Third Reich Germans vs Soviet pics

Played a game of Secrets of the Third Reich with David down at the club, mostly for old times’ sake - and the idea came from having seen the Zombie diorama I posted last week. Hauled two platoons with me and David picked the Soviets.

The battle was 50RP per side, and the scenario was gain ground with a modified center zone being worth 2VP instead of 1VP.

Army lists were:

Veteran rating + Body armor
Command team
2x Grenadier squads with LMG (1 with additional Mech rifle).
Aufklärer squad with Mech rifle and camo.
Sniper team
2x Panzerschreck teams
Wolf Runner squad
Drop Troopers with Flamethrower, Packed LMG, Anti mech rifle, 2 Assault rifles.

Veteran rating + 1 single artillery strike
Command squad
3x Infantry squads with SMG, semi automatic rifles, packed LMG and anti mech rifles,
Siberian Subhuman squad, 1 packed LMG, 1 flamethrower, 3SMG
BA64 armored car
T34/76 tank

The Soviets won a 6-3 victory, both sides were pretty much massacred at the end of turn 5 when the game ended.
I can't say I got an urge to start playing SoTR again, I think it's a good game and it got me away from GW gaming. But compared to many games I play nowadays, I found that it lacked something special. It may have been the "gamey" scenario and the absence of a force morale of some kind, it was just weird to have squads reduced to a single member and still fight as normal when most games I play nowayadays have such units either flee or get some kind of penalty.

It was fun, but not much more. I still have my 5 platoons for this game - don't really know what to do with them. They sadly get extremely little gaming time and are just taking up space/collecting dust.

The pictures from the battle speak for themselves.


  1. Shame you're not getting as much out of these as you should - they're fantastic looking armies. How about trying out some alternative options for Weirld Wolrd War gaming? Off the top of my head I can think of Geheimkrieg (Wessex Games), War Without End (2 Hour Wargames) and AE:WW2 (Darkson Designs, but I think this one's more skirmish-focused). Dust Warfare seems quite heavly tied to the official selection of models though.

    1. The main problem really is the lack of players with whom I could play 28mm Weird WW2.

    2. I hear ya. I've even tried pitching the genre in 15mm locally, hoping some of the Flames of War players will want to try including supernatural and scifi elements into the game, but so far, no success.

  2. Really cool looking game and great figures.

  3. Try Geheimkrieg
    I was not impressed with SotTR.

  4. Our Sotr minis have been taking dust too but since we saw the Zombie diorama on your blog last week, we want to pick it up again: the Ghostfront campaign. As you suggested a while ago, i'll make pdf's of the scenario's for sharing.

    You're always welcome at our place here in the Ardennes to try out your armies.

    Greets from Belgium!


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