08 July 2012

Some pics from Strange Aeons gaming

David have been interested in Strange Aeons for a while now and had been working on some of his Threshold team members. I figured if he got to play the game it would give him that extra push to finish the project.

So we played 3 games earlier this week, David used his Threshold members:

Lady Penelope Huffington-St. John Smythe (Bowie knife, .45 handgun)
Groundskeeper Smalls (Bowie knife, .45 handgun, double barreled shotgun)
Groundskeeper Willis (Bowie knife, .45 handgun, hunting rifle)
Constable Henry (Club & .22 handgun)
Constable Smith (Club & .22 handgun)

The scenarios played in order were: Treasure Hunt, Escape into Danger, Body Snatchers

The lurker opposition was made up miniatures I had recently painted up and wanted to try out on the table. The Librarian and Daemonic Hound from Black Cat Bases. The Librarian was used as a Witch, and the small book monsters as her familiars. The book Golem was used as a "Fishman".

I was quite busy showing David how the game worked so I did no real bookkeeping of the action. But suffice to say that David's Threshold agents kicked Lurker ass in all 3 scenarios - he did not suffer as single casualty which is quite rare in Strange Aeons! One of his "civilians" got poisoned in the first scenario by a booby trap a sprung during the treasure search but he managed to drag the treasure chest off the table and win before the civilian succumbed to the poison.

His team ended up leveling up 3 games in a row so they are quite badass now – the points of the team has risen to 25BP which means I will throw some nasty big monsters at him next time we play (as we are going to resume the adventures of Lady Penelope and her crew from where we ended).


  1. Toss a Elder beast at him and show him the true meaning or horror!

  2. Great stuff. The Librarian and familiars are far-out!

  3. Great! Hope you'll soon give us another installment of 'Strange Aeons in the 18th C.'!

  4. Great looking game. The boards and minis always look so atmospheric


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